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Five Star Vacation Rentals

We do more than make reservations, We make a difference!

Since the beginning of time, the stars have guided man and his sailing vessels to far away shores. The stars have danced with the moon to beam down light for short and long journeys. Those same magnificent stars have offered more than just light. They have made a difference in historical events. Even today, under the waves rolling to sandy shores of tropical beaches, colorful Sea Stars dance a water ballet to welcome guests and sea lovers to the their coastal homes. So, it is today, weather by the stars of night or sea stars swaying to the rhythm of the waves, stars have guided you to our Five Star Vacation Rental collection of vacation possibilities.

Our Five Star team is so excited to have you visit our website, because our mission statement was inspired by the stars. We know, that “we do more than make reservations, we make a difference!” You have so many choices to choose from these days, with dozens of websites offering to book your room. We do that also, but we believe that we do more.

The President of our company hand picks every Five Star service member. First, they must have a heart beat for serving others. When you hire the heart, the training becomes natural. Just like the stars at night, our team loves to shine for you! Our service minded team is the sail that keeps our vessel moving in the right direction. Any time you come in contact with our Five Star team, you are greeted with a smile, and a willingness to assist you to make your stay more comfortable and memorable. We hope that at the end of the day, we have made your day a little brighter.

Relax and let your heart and mind begin to dream about that vacation you have been waiting for, or that special occasion you are ready to celebrate! Or, maybe it is time to applaud success with your corporate team members. We even have experience in planning fishing tournaments!

Visit our MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE CONCIERGE SERVICES to see how we may “make a difference” in your upcoming visit. We will see you soon. Our Five Star Properties and service team are ready to welcome you to a memorable stay! It is written in the stars!